How I’m Beating Metastatic Melanoma Naturally

At 53 years old and having always been active and followed a mostly healthy lifestyle, I wasn’t real worried when a lump appeared near my jaw. I had discomfort in my cheek and figured it might mean I needed a root canal or something. But after a few weeks it was really bothering me and I went to the doctor.

After a series of appointments with not too much concern from the doctors, I finally saw a maxillofacial specialist. He reacted with alarm as soon as he saw my scans, and quickly diagnosed metastatic melanoma.

It’s hard to describe the shock of hearing those words, thinking ‘how could this be happening to me’ but almost immediately my thoughts turned to my family.

My wife and I have been married 32 years, and we are blessed with 7 children and 5 grandchildren. I love our time together, and now the doctors were talking about having only months left.

Making the Hardest Choice of My Life

Everything moved really fast. The doctor planned surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. They told me it was advanced and very aggressive and that I should put my details in order.

It was at that point I put the brakes on. None of their treatments would lead to a cure and they were talking about extending life by only another couple of months.

What kind of quality of life would I have in that time? And how could I leave my wife behind with a mountain of medical debt?

So, I said no. No to all of it.

It was not a decision I took lightly. I faced intense pressure from family and friends who wanted me to reconsider. But I decided to take charge of my health with a natural, plant-based approach.

My Health Journey, A Year Later

It’s been a year and I’ve mountain biked in Jackson, Wyoming; skied at several resorts in the Northwest; snowmobiled in eastern Idaho and taken a couple of road trips. I’m living with cancer but most importantly, I’m living every moment with my family.

At first, I did get sicker. I had deep fatigue, muscle spasms and high fevers. But I became an internet nutritional junkie, learning everything I could about what’s best for the body. And I connected with a health coach.

I learned that many diseases are rooted in toxins, and that detoxing is an essential first step to getting your body and immune system back on track.

I started detoxing my colon and digestive system, and then sought out ways to detoxify the whole body. That’s when I learned about the natural mineral zeolite and how it can act as a master detoxifier in removing heavy metals and other toxins, without taking out any beneficial minerals.

I’ve been using the liquid zeolite Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength for months now and feel great knowing it is helping to keep me free of toxins, and giving my immune system a helping hand.

Giving Your Body Good Nutrition

Once you start taking out the junk, it is so important to fuel your body with good nutrition. To give my body the best chance, I switched over to a completely plant-based diet. My health coach advised only shopping in the organic aisles at the grocer and that’s what I did.

In the past year I’ve lost about 60 pounds. Not because I am sick, but because I am eating healthy, nutritious foods.

I had always taken nutritional supplements but never gave too much thought to what was in them. But someone asked me if I was eating organic, why would I take supplements that weren’t organic.

I started realizing that most supplements have synthetics, GMOs and other toxic ingredients. I wouldn’t accept those in my food, so I didn’t want them in my vitamins either.

I discovered the organic, plant-based nutritional supplements of Touchstone Essentials and haven’t looked back. Now that I’m vegan it’s hard to get enough protein each day and the Organic Super Protein gives me 18g of clean, organic protein in a delicious shake.

I also take the organic Super Green Juice for a superfood smoothie, the plant-based omega supplement Wellspring, and the Supergreens +D. I feel great when I supplement with these organic superfoods, and if I miss a day I can really feel the difference.

Do What is Right for You

Choosing to forgo conventional treatment is a deeply personal decision. And it’s not the right choice for everyone. It’s the one that felt right for me.

I know that based on your individual health issue and circumstance, following the doctors’ orders may absolutely be the best path for you.

But even if you choose standard care, you still have to look after yourself so you can weather those treatments. Removing toxins and nourishing the body with organic, plant-based nutrition can help no matter what you choose.

I am deeply grateful for every day I get with my family. Some days I am tired, but mostly I feel good and get to do what I love. That includes skiing, mountain biking, snowmobiling and going horse-riding with my granddaughter. Life is good.

—Rob Black